It's Not Just Dinner and a Show

Let us take you on a voyage, that will live in your hearts long after you have come ashore. Step back to a by gone era and relive the story that made Titanic, The Ship of Dreams. A voyage seaworthy for all ages and celebrating all occasions, be part of the action, sit back and let our crew plough through Titanic history forged together with our insatiable appetite for fun.

What We Do

Theatre Restaurant

Dinner Theater, Culinary Theatre, Theatrical Foodie
(sometimes called dinner and a show) is a form of entertainment that combines a restaurant meal with a staged play or musical. ...


A British luxury ocean liner, thought to be unsinkable, which nevertheless sank on its first voyage in 1912 after running into an iceberg in the north Atlantic Ocean. More than fifteen hundred people drowned.

Titanic Theatre Restaurant

We do all of the above, with a much better chance of survival . . . .

Although we are 'Titanic Tragics' at heart, we do not dwell on the tragic circumstances from history. There are moments in our performance we do reflect. A topical night of entertainment combining all that this indestructible story has spawned over the last 100 years forged together with our insatiable appetite for fun. Titanic brings to you an engaging and interactive night designed for all ages, genres and all celebrations or for any excuse you need an explosive fun filled night to remember.

The Venue

Launched April 14th 1994.

The Titanic Dinner Theatre experience has evolved over more than two decades.  Andrew Singer, Founder of the Titanic Williamstown, planned a special dinner to commemorate the anniversary of the sinking. A one night only dinner recreating the final meal on board spawned into a weekly event. Now under the watchful Command of David Varney, Titanic Williamstown has grown into a multilevel special effects venue recreating the interior of the most famous ship in the world.

It's not just Dinner and a Show. Titanic has become one of the most unique dining and entertainment experiences in the world.

The Entertainment

The entertainment will . . .
Make you Laugh
Make you Smile
Make you Cry
Touch your Heart
Make you Think
Make you think again
Sweep you off your Feet
Sometimes make no sense
Make you a star
Help you make new friends
Teach you something New
Make you laugh some more
Help You LIve
Make you Move
Make you Cheer

The Crew

The Magnificent Stewardesses of the White Star Line

4th Office Boxhall

A very very Brave Man

The Captain

"Don't Blame me i just work here".

The Incomparable Miss Fanny Gaynor

An ampidextrous mutliflexible fortune teller

The Chef

A very very busy Man

More Magnificent Stewardesses

Commander David James Varney

The Yes Man

Miss Adrienne

The Sweeties Specialist

Photo Potty Officer Bruce

The selfie specialist

The Dancing

Go Down Dancing to all the greatest hits from all the ages. Dance like you have never danced before and if you've never danced before this could be your last chance. Dance through the decades from the 20's, 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's and beyond. Survive the rest of the voyage and you'll dance again to the 70's, 80's, 90's and above.

The Celebrations

Milestones of all descriptions are cerebrated with aplomb and ceremony during the entire voyage and then in a tradition similar to a cruise ship's Baked Alaska Parade, we come together for a show of sparkles and sweets in our very own Titanic Celebration Parade. A parade worthy of the the greatest ship ever built.

About First Class & Steerage

First Class - Capacity 200 passengers

The First Class Dining Room emulates the interior of Titanic's Grand Dining Room and is available all year round every Saturday night and every Friday and Saturday in November and December. Although a lot of our guests do 'dress up' for the occasion, it is not compulsory. An fun filled night of dining, dancing, drama and disaster it is the more popular option. And you stand a much better chance of survival.

"It's like Faulty Towers on Water. More Laughs than are legally permitted"

Steerage - Capacity 90 passengers

Steerage is located on our lower deck and gives you the perception you’re travelling below the water line. When you first arrive on board, you enter through Steerage before ushered into the First Class Dining Room.

“The entertainment is a little more Rumpus and Extemporized”
as quoted by a passenger who unfortunately didn’t make it to New York.

Steerage is not always available

The lower deck steerage dining room is only available, regularly, from late November and December where it gives you the choice online. For the rest of the year all our Saturday nights are conducted on the upper deck as it is the more popular option. So if you are booking between January and October your booking would default to First Class. Once we have reached capacity in First Class we then offer seating in the lower deck. If you don’t see an option when booking online that means that only First Class is available. In order to run the lower deck between January and October, we require a minimum of 50 passengers so in the event of a low number of bookings interested in Lower Deck Steerage, we bring all passengers together into First Class to make it a memorable night for all on board.

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