Titanic's 100th Anniversary April 14th 2012
"That they go down to the sea in ships that do business in these great waters"
Be British . . . .

Bon Voyage! from Your Hosts

Commander David James Varney & Miss Adrienne
Miss Adrienne & Head Chef, Mel De Silva
The Magnificent Stewardesses of the White Star Line

The Captain

You Have What i Have . . . . .
Miss Adrienne's, Cupcake Carousel . . .
Joseph Groves Boxhall. 4th Officer and a very good artist . .
All Aboard with the Incomparable Fanny Gaynor

The Life Belt Drill

Every good Ship has one
Dance the night away . . .

"It's not just Dinner and Show"

Let us take you on a voyage, that will live in your hearts long after you have come ashore. Step back to a by gone era and relive the story that made Titanic, The Ship of Dreams.

A voyage seaworthy for all ages and celebrating all occasions, be part of the action, sit back and let our crew plough through Titanic history forged together with our insatiable appetite for fun.

Titanic Entertainments would like to inform our future passengers of  some notable points of interest.

During  our voyage special effects such as strobe lights and hydraulic explosives  and water effects are used. Contrary to belief, you will not drown or get wet unless you spill a drink.

The 'Ship'/Venue does not move, we do not sail off into the darkness of Hobson's Bay  Nor do we sway from side to side unless you have consumed one too many of our delicious cocktails

Titanic is a fully licensed venue -strictly no BYO.