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Although we are 'Titanic Tragics' at heart,


we do not attempt to re-enact the tragic circumstances nor do we attempt


to reconstruct historical sentiment - instead, we take all that titanic has spawned


over the last 100 years, movies, documentaries, conspiracy theories,


to create a parodical night of dance drama comedy  and  special effects,


all riveted together with our unsinkable  appetite for fun.


There are moments in our performance where we do reflect.


Our voyage is a night of celebration, commemoration,


a correlative connection between our passengers  and the inevitable outcome..


Each week, in our presence,  a new journey unfolds, new celebrations, milestones


 - new 'bucket list' entries are checked off our manifest


 as we endeavor to make it an unforgettable


  "Night to Remember" for all on board.


Titanic Entertainments would like to inform our future passengers of  some notable points of interest.


During  our voyage special effects such as strobe lights and hydraulic explosives  and water effects are used. Contrary to belief, you will not drown or get wet unless you spill a drink.

 The 'Ship'/Venue does not move, we do not sail off into the darkness of Hobson's Bay  Nor do we sway from side to side unless you have consumed one too many of our delicious cocktails


Titanic is a fully licensed venue -strictly no BYO.